If You Have a Single-Serve Coffee Maker at Home, You Might Find this Useful

Whether it’s Nespresso, Keurig, DeLonghi, etc. If you have one at home or at work, just turn it on and run only water through. If it came out clear, then you are already doing the right thing. However, if it came out with some coffee residue, then you might find this post helpful.

When we had the ol’ traditional American coffee machine, we cleaned it internally every now and then. We would run water and some vinegar through for a deep clean, and then run only water afterwards for a few times until the vinegar taste and smell were gone.

After we purchased the Nespresso, we noticed that it needs cleaning more often, and we read somewhere that it would be best to run only water through every morning before making your drink. It will clean any coffee residue from the day before or so. So, we did this everyday until one day a friend of ours was visiting and he showed us an easy way to clean it. He said once you are done from making your coffee, open the top again as if you are putting another capsule in–this way the old capsule will drop into the capsule container–then close it, and run only water through. It will simply clean any coffee left, you won’t need to do this again before making your next one later or the day after. We also started doing this with our Keurig, and let me tell you, we found this to be very useful and helpful. In short, always make sure to remove the used capsule once you are done making your coffee, and run water through afterwards by using the smallest portion your coffee machine makes. For example, when using the Nespresso, run water through with the espresso option instead of the lungo.

If you do this at work, or with any machine that is used a lot, for the first time doing this you might need to run water through once, twice, three times, or even more… for the water to come out clear, just don’t be surprised.

**Note: If you have a Nespresso Machine, Nespresso boutiques in your area might have a recycling option, where they collect your used capsules and recycle them. So, instead of throwing them away, you can take them to the boutique when you purchase more capsules.

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