8 Reasons to Love Winter

As the winter season is approaching, you would hear everyone around dreading the fact that it’s getting cold outside. However, I’m loving it! How can you not love the coziness that winter brings? Everyone gathers together at home, sipping on their hot drinks while it’s raining outside, snowing or just plain cloudy weather. The warmth you also get while you are outside covered with layers of clothes and sipping a hot drink that keeps you warm. There’s something special about hot drinks in the cold season, it doesn’t only give you some warmth, but it also gives you a feeling of coziness and comfort. Imagine coming home to the smell of baked goods filling your house; you’ll be simply overwhelmed with joy effortlessly. Think about all the shop windows adorned in glittering lights and how the streets are lined with twinkling fairy lights that basically cover the city. There are more and more reasons to love winter. Following are only 8 of numerous reasons:

1. The smell of fresh winter air

It’s crisp, it’s pure, and it’s just so fresh.

2. Snowy days

In Amman, Jordan, it does not snow that often. So when it does, you can say it’s a celebration.


3. Sweaters, scarves, and fuzzy socks

It feels good to wear funky socks, ugly sweaters and cozy scarves.

4. Throw blankets

In winter, it’s not just a decoration. No matter how old you are, every time you sit on the couch you have to snuggle with a blankie.

5. Warm drinks, of course

Hot chocolate, coffee, lattes, and so on…


6. Fireplaces

They don’t only make you warm, but also give warm vibes; either at home or in coffee shops.

7. Twinkling fairy lights, again and again

This is an all-time-favourite. The city is just so pretty with more lights around.


8. Baking

Baking is just more fun in the winter, especially when cookies and sweets come out hot. The oven adds more warmth and coziness as well.


*Most things I mentioned here are simply hygge.

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