9 Uses for Google Home as a Mother

Fathers might also find this useful.

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When it comes to planning and getting organized, I regularly use an old-fashioned planner. I like to write down a to-do list, reminders, day to day notes, etc., because it’s just the way I am. In other words, when it comes to notes and planning, I keep tech at minimal use. So you can say that I don’t use technology for everything in life.

I used to hear about Google Home, but I never really thought about buying it. However, a few months ago I received a Google Home Mini as a gift, and I should tell you that it helped me save a lot of time. As parents, we have so many things going on in our minds, and we have too many things between our hands. So, it feels good sometimes to get help when you least expect it. In this post I will share with you what I found useful in Google Home.

Hey Google, what’s the weather outside?
Yes, I know that’s an easy one and everyone probably knows it, but it’s even more useful when you have kids. Before getting the kids ready to go outside, I ask Google about the weather while I am on my way from room to room preparing things for our outing. I also ask about the weather for that night too, so I add the right layers of clothing to the their bag.

Hey Google, make a duck sound.
This works well when you want to distract a child. If he/she is fussy, just try this, it might work to calm them down. You can also ask Google for many other sounds to make.

Hey Google, sing a lullaby.
While I put the kids to sleep, I find this very helpful. Google starts singing a lullaby for a minute or so, and then leaves you with the music until you ask her to stop.

Okay Google, set a timer for 10 mins.
As I am cooking lunch or dinner, or baking a dessert, I ask Google to set a timer for a specific time depending on what the recipe asks for. I find this very useful instead of checking the time every so and then. When the time is up, an alarm goes on, and that’s when I say “Ok Google, thank you.” She gets so excited when I thank her, it’s funny sometimes.

Okay Google, add mustard to my shopping list.
Sometimes when I am out of, say, peanut butter or flour, or any groceries needed in my kitchen, I say to myself I will write it in my shopping list when I am done from doing this and that… then after I’m done doing the chores, I forget what I needed to buy exactly. So, Google helped me here a lot. I would open the fridge or pantry, and just tell Google to add the stuff I need to my shopping list. This could be anything I need to buy, not only groceries.

Hey Google, what’s 1/3 cup in milliliters?
Every time I wanted to convert a pound to a kg, or cups to ml, or tablespoons to ml, or any conversion, I used to go get my phone, open the calculator or google the answer. But now, thankfully, as I prepare the ingredients, I just ask Google without the need to reach my phone.

Okay Google, what’s 350 °F to Celsius?
Many times, recipes that I follow usually provide degrees in Fahrenheit, and again, I used to open the calculator on my phone to get the answer. Now, as I am about to turn on the oven, I just ask Google for the answer and I continue cooking or baking without interruptions.
Google could also help you while you cook by telling you the ingredients and the directions of a recipe from the internet, but I personally don’t use that. I like reading it on my own.

Okay Google, tell me a joke.
I must admit that their jokes are usually lame, but it is a good way to lighten up a mood.

Hey Google, call my phone!
Oh this is a good one, especially if I have my phone on silent. I don’t need to spend so much looking around the house for it. I just ask Google to call it and it rings on high volume even when silent. Just make sure not to do that when the kids are asleep.

Other uses include: turning on the lights if you have them linked, locking your doors if you have smart locks, casting YouTube or Netflix shows on television, searching about topics from Google, buying stuff online, setting reminders, and many more.

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