Recycling in Amman, Jordan

Living in a place where recycling isn’t a task for its citizens, it then becomes a choice. After realizing that it makes a big difference on our environment, it was the right time to take this decision. I decided to recycle in our home, and it was one of the best decisions I made. Our garbage has significantly decreased; more than three quarters of it turned out to be recyclable. I started searching online for places where we can send them to in Amman, and I found the most convenient place. It was BE Environmental Services/Cozmo Recycling Center in front of COZMO Supermarket, 7th Circle, Sweifieh. You can drop your bags there at any time, even after their working hours. If it happens that you go there during their working hours, their staff will help you out by taking the bags from your car.

I found the following information on their website:

Place any items as listed below in one large bag and our staff will sort them into the proper bins.

  • Paper of any kind (e.g. newspapers, magazines, office paper whole or shredded, cardboard.)
  • Any metal, including aluminum (e.g. soda cans), steel and other scrap.
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles (e.g. plastic water and soda bottles) and all other plastic materials, including wrappings, bags, containers, boxes, Styrofoam etc.
  • Wood scraps including broken furniture, pallets, cable rolls, etc.
  • Printer and copier toner cartridges, batteries of any size and kind.
  • Old bread and used cooking oil.

With more research online, I came by a few more societies that promote recycling and are willing to pass by your home or office once a week to pick them up. Try giving them a call and see how you can recycle through them:
Jordan Environment Society: 06 523 8205
Green Future for Sustainable Solutions: 079 583 9502

If you live close by to Lweibdeh, you have another option as well: Ziadat4Recycling. They  own a workshop wherein they turn garbage into unique pieces of furniture. They welcome any material considered as trash: old furniture, used wood pieces, windows, cans, glass bottles, clothes, bicycles, pots, crowns, etc. You can also drop used glass, plastic, metal, and paper in their recycling box in front of the workshop at any day, any time. Click here for their exact location, and check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Taking a simple step such as recycling could make a huge difference to our environment, nonetheless making you feel good as well.

Give it a try, because why not?

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